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my baby sleep




Every parent has been there… your baby only sleeps when you are occupied with cleaning the house or driving the car. So when do you sleep? Your baby is awake at night so so are you. And to get them to sleep the final resort is to actually take them for a midnight drive so they at least stop crying.

After nine months in a noisy womb, new-borns are freaked out by the silence when they are in their crib alone at night. In the womb they hear surrounding sounds during the day and breathing and bowel sounds during the night. All these sounds are filtered to a low pitch and have very irregular intervals because of bowel noises. Some of the noise we make in and around the house have the same feelings. That’s why babies are not bothered with you vacuuming, or the tumble dryer noise when they are sleeping.

Same effect is the sound of a driving car. Have you ever had to stay put in the car because the baby was still sleeping?!

We thought we were smart and recorded all these sounds that our kids liked and played it for them when they couldn’t sleep. And that worked extremely well for us. We played those cd’s on repeat every night. We now have uploaded al these tracks for you to enjoy and your babies to sleep to. So you can also sleep and wake up energized.

Ejoy & Sleep tight.


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